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Music Lessons

Our instructors work very hard in keeping the student moving forward in music education and keeping the student engaged and motivated. Our friendly staff of instructors are very motivated to keep students excited about music and their instruments. We are equipped to help any student enrolled in a music class. We are an approved vendor for all Putnam County Schools and assist in their music agenda for students. This applies to home schooled students as well. CMC is qualified to provide community service hours needed for music enrolled students who want to learn more about music, instruments, maintenance.

Guitar Lessons

Bass Lessons

Piano Lessons

Violin Lessons

Drums & Percussion Lesson

Voice Lessons

Student Band Program

Want to be a member of a band?

In addition to individual music lessons, CARTER'S MUSIC CENTER offers live band programs for those wanting to play music with other musicians. This program provides students the opportunity to perform with other students in a band.  These  bands are regularly featured at the Christmas Bash, The Back-to-School Bash, as well as the Putnam County Fair.  We guide the students through a full hour of live music, giving each individual the opportunity to solo, get creative, find their tone, improvise, or play the solo exactly note for note.  

All bands perform at local Events, festivals, County Fair, Relay for Life, and Parties. Contact for booking info

As a courtesy to all musicians, young, old, brand new or expert, these bands are available to everyone. 

Rates vary so if you're a student of CMC or a musician who is tired of playing at home to a backing track, contact us!

Are you interested in music lessons or being a part of our student band?

Get in touch with us, and let us know more about your interest in these areas.